BoraBora Wildlife Park happens to have a variety of birds including the Guinea fowls and Egyptian Geese. The Egyptian Geese happens to be a member of the goose, duch and swan family Anatidae. Ancient Egyptians considered them sacred thus they appeared a lot in their artwork. On the other hand, guinea fowls belong to the family Numididae in the order Galliformes. They are considered to be the oldest in the order Galliformes.

Key Facts

  • Guinea fowls have stout bill, short round wings, powerful claws and large toes.
  • Guinea fowls spend most of their time in searching for food hidden in the ground.
  • Egyptian goose is also termed as the Nil goose due to its origin, the Nile Valley.
  • The Egyptian goose spends most of its time in water.
  • The geese have eye patches of dark chocolate-brown.

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