Terms of Entry

The park prohibits smoking practices of any kind including vaping devices. We have smoking zones around the park.

All children must always be accompanied by a guardian at all times during the visit.

All drivers must observe the specified speed limit (10km/h) at all times.


BoraBora Wildlife Park is always under 24 Hrs CCTV surveilance in the effort of ensuring security.

The park has the mandate to ask any visitor or staff to leave the site should he/she behave against the park’s code of conduct.


Any images that are captured around the park are for personal use not for commercial use or any other purpose. If you wish to commercialise or use them in any other way, contact us (info@boraboradianikenya.com). No UAV devices or drones are allowed in the park.


No plastic bottles, containers are allowed in the park. Lets strive together to protect our environment.


The park does not allow any refunds.